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Posts tagged: gender

Who is prepared to show that they [men and women] are not started in life as equals, on an identical plane of evolution? It is hazardous to rely altogether upon a priori dogmatism, learned or unlearned, which forces one to set up the assumption that the Creator has been driven by partiality to model an unbalanced, unsymmetrical humanity; like an unshapely apple, one half large and desirable, the but other half small and unsavory.
Anotinette Brown Blackwell, March 17, 1874 (Unitarian, suffragist, reformer, minister)
A woman has the same human nature that a man has, the same human rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; the same human duties and they are as inalienable in a woman as in a man.
Theodore Parker, “The Public Function of Women,” (1853) (Unitarian, Transcendentalist, minister, abolitionist, reformer)
The civilization of any country may always be measured by the degree of equality between men and women; and society will never come truly into order until there is perfect equality and copartnership between them in every department of life
Lydia Maria Child to Sarah Parsons, 1877. (Unitarian, author, reformer)