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Posts tagged: diversity

The world is full of difference, of color, of spice, of thoughts, of dreams, of languages, of dances, of songs, of stories, and of ways of reverence. When we wander overwhelmed by this cacophony of wonder, Lover of Life, help us find the unity in all this diversity, the hearts and hopes, the love and compassion that can connect us all.
Rev. Naomi King (Unitarian Universalist, clergy, author) in Universalist Prayers, March 13, 2014 (
The very gnarliest and hardest of hearts has some musical strings in it; but they are tuned differently in every one of us.
James Russell Lowell (Unitarian, poet, reformer, statesman)
To build a racially and culturally diverse community is to build a world of beauty and power. It is the right thing to do…A blessing awaits us all, and it will come when we experience the richness of racial and cultural diversity
Dr. Leon Spencer (Unitarian Universalist, psychologist, activist)
Diversity, you see, must not end up being some kind of feel good slogan, a word we keep in our back pocket to make us feel like we’re broad minded. Diversity is a gift. But it cannot be a gift…unless it is received
Mark Belletini (Unitarian Universalist, clergy)
Many people seem to want racial and cultural diversity up to a point. I believe that true inclusivity removes that point.
Dr. Leon Spencer (Unitarian Universalist, psychologist, activist)
I should not like to preach to a congregation who all believed as I believe. I would as lief preach to a basket of eggs in their smooth compactness and oval formality
E. H. Chapin (Edwin Hubbell Chapin) (Universalist, minister)
Cannot you conceive that another man may wish well to the world and struggle for its good on some other plan than precisely that which you had laid down?
Nathaniel Hawthorne (Transcendentalist, Unitarian, author)
Our hearts are a rainbow of varied dye,
Blended as softly as that of the sky
Sarah Edgerton Mayo, “To My Sisters” (Universalist, poet, author)
What I know about being inclusive, crossing from culture to culture to culture, learning the language of diversity, is that it’s the work of a lifetime. It is hard to accept people who are not like you, who do not talk the way you do, or believe the things you believe, or dress or vote as you do. It is even harder to appreciate them, for the things about them that are not like you…the truth is this: if there is no justice, there will be no peace…and if we cannot bring justice into the small circle of our individual lives, we cannot hope to bring justice to the world.
Rosemary Bray McNatt (Unitarian Universalist, minister)
Our Unitarian Universalist “good news” affirms that God prefers the pluralism of a world of strangers to the uniformity of a sacred society…we are called to create holy communities where strangers are not only welcome but where all are enjoined to do the work of healing and transformation by wrestling with the strangers within themselves.
Abhi Prakash Janamanchi (Unitarian Universalist, minister)