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Have faith that tomorrow will at least be equal to your best today, and that the present cannot conceive a nobility which the future will not appreciate, or lay the foundations of a cathedral so worthy that those who come after will not know how to rear the superstructure. Work on long lines.
Jenkin Lloyd Jones (Unitarian, educator, soldier, reformer, clergy) Love and Loyalty (1907) p.53
I do not think it is the business of a poet to be a guru. It is his business to write poetry, and to do that he must remain open and vulnerable.
May Sarton, Journal of a Solitude (1973) p. 143 (Unitarian Universalist, poet, novelist, essayist)
Meditation, like a cool lake, has room for all the unexpected birds.
Jacob Trapp (Unitarian Universalist,  clergy) quoted by Kathleen Rolenz, Sources of Our Faith
Sentiment lies back of all achievement. It is the dynamite that stimulates to noble endeavor and glorious action.
Quillen H. Shinn (Universalist, missionary, clergy)  quoted in William H. McGaluflin, D.D., Faith with Power: A Life Story of Quillen Hamilton Shinn, D.D. (1912) ) p.255
Reverently pausing to watch the drama of the chameleon and the mantis, we learn there is something in the order of being that exceeds all our competence.
Stephen Shick (Unitarian Universalist, peace activist, reformer, clergy) Be The Change: Poems, Prayers and Meditations for Peacemakers
We are the earth made conscious, a unique and marvelous way in which the earth itself can see, reflect, contemplate, and choose.
Kathleen McTigue, Shine and Shadow: Meditations (Unitarian Universalist, clergy)
Strengthen me by sympathizing with my strength, not my weakness.
Amos Bronson Alcott (Unitarian, Transcendentalist, educator, utopian, reformer) Table-Talk
Sometimes one likes foolish people for their folly, better than wise people for their wisdom.
Elizabeth Gaskell (Unitarian, author, reformer) Wives and Daughters
Holy hours come sometimes to all of us, freighted with love, when life seems worth living, and we feel a profound rest. All weariness is gone, all loneliness; we have a perfect peace in our heart.
James Freeman Clarke (Unitarian, clergy, reformer) Go Up Higher (1877) p.8
To each winter a Spring
God will surely bring,
And the heart shall sing:
Life is life forever, evermore!
Frederick Lucian Hosmer, quoted in William & Mary Gannett, A Little Child at Breakfast Table (1915) p. 56 (Unitarian, hymnist, clergy)